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Pod Technical

neopod Stethoscope Case - Pod Technical Soft Carry Case - Black

neopod Stethoscope Case - Pod Technical Soft Carry Case - Black

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The Pod Technical neopod has been specifically designed to offer flexible protection for your stethoscope. The case will comfortably fit all Littmann and most other makes of stethoscopes.

The neopod is perfect for protecting your stethoscopes sensitive diaphragm. The latest generation of high performance stethoscopes have single piece rimless diaphragms making them more susceptible to diaphragm damage should they be hit during transportation, or dropped. The neopod has a super thick neoprene design that protects the stethoscope whilst remaining flexible enough to carry in a bag or case.

  • Super thick neoprene - extra thick for extra protection during transportation.
  • Flexible storage - ideal for most makes of stethoscopes.
  • Stylish - sleek and classy, minimal subtle branding.
  • Rubber zip puller - easy open wide zipper for security, dust protection, and ease of use.
  • Super economical - far cheaper than replacing expensive diaphragms.

The neopod is an inexpensive case, designed specifically with diaphragm protection in mind. This is a great for people not requiring the greater protection of our rigid cases, but who still want their scope to be protected.