Littmann User FAQ

If you are experiencing problems with the sound quality on your Littmann stethoscope, be sure to run through the following checklist:

  1. Headset Alignment - Make sure the headset is facing the right way - the ear tips should be angled forwards.  If the fit isn’t comfortable, adjust the headset by grasping the ear tubes and pulling apart or pushing together.
  2. Ear Tip Fit - Your Littmann comes with both small and large ear tips.  It is important that you choose the best fit for your ear.  This is especially so for soft-sealing ear tips.
  3. Obstructions - Over time, debris can accumulate in your scope.  Be sure to regularly clean and care for your Littmann.  (See care tips below)
  4. Seal - The sound pathway relies upon being airtight.  Loose parts or damaged tubing can prevent sound transmitting properly.
  5. Bell / Diaphragm - On a double-sided stethoscope, either the bell or the diaphragm can be open at any one time.  (This is switched by rotating the chest piece).  If the bell is open, the diaphragm is closed and vice versa.  Make sure the correct side is being used.

Care and cleaning

Correct care and cleaning of your Littmann stethoscope will extend its lifespan and ensure optimum sound quality.  Full care and cleaning instructions will be in the manual supplied with your Littmann.

  1. Disinfection - It is recommended to disinfect your stethoscope between patients.  It should be wiped with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution.
  2. DO NOT immerse the stethoscope in ANY liquid or subject it to any sterilisation process.
  3. Environment - Avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures, oils or solvents.
  4. Tubing - PVC tubing can turn brittle in the long term if it is continually exposed to the lipids found in human skin.  If you like to wear your scope around your neck, it is recommended to wear it over your collar.

Parts, servicing & repairs

  1. Replacment parts - A full range of replacement diaphragms, rims, bell sleeves, ear tips and tubing are available from Medisave (Click here to shop)